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*** Till 5.000,00 Euro - I paste Special prizes Choreographic Creation. A rich prize money and scholarships, free courses, etc., for best competitions


Love dance and living for her, dancing not only to make a step to perfection, but to live in the body and in the mind what is doing, to merge with the music in a harmony of movement and technical virtuosity with harsh discipline, dedication, without asking anything...

Progressive Dance, promoter and organizer of the event, active in the South Tyrol area, for several years, in art and culture, especially of dance in all its forms,

Thanks all of them that have been involved in this event; the wonderful Jury, and all others who contributed to this edition.

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21. 07. 2013

  • 10.00 hours

    Classical Ballet, New Classical, Character Dance more

  • 12.00 hours

    Modern Dance (Contemporary, Modern Jazz, Musical, tap, African, Tango, Bellydance, etc..)

  • 14.00 hours

    Street Dance (Hip Hop disciplines)

  • 16.00 hours

    Profis and Choreographic composition


The Last Awords


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A rich prize in cash and scholarship, free courses, etc., for best competitiors

Special Choreographic Composition Prize

up to

5.000,00 Euro

                                                         sponsor, sponsorship, collaboration